Air Compressor Maintenance Checklist

Air-Compressor-Maintenance-Checklist-01While air compressors are built to provide you with consistent performance over a long period of time, they do require a bit of maintenance from time to time to ensure that they can do so. They can take damage from a range of sources such as weathering, ageing, dust, rust and corrosion; and those are but a few of the conditions that might undermine their effectiveness. Because of this, maintenance should never be put off, even when it seems like everything is running smoothly. It is only through regular servicing that you can extend their longevity and get the years of performance that you paid for. So to help you get it right each time, here are some guidelines on how air compressor maintenance should be approached.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter in your compressor is responsible for sifting contaminants from the air that it takes in and compresses. As the filter gets dirty, so too does the air that it uses, as well as the oil (if you are using an oil air compressor) which could lead to further damages or may simply leave your compressor working less effectively than it should. Be sure to clean your air filter regularly, and wherever it cannot be cleaned, replace it with a filter that is recognised as an appropriate air compressor product.

Inspect the Oil Levels

As it is with any motor controlled appliance, oil is responsible for keeping it running smoothly, and in the case of compressors, more cleanly. It works as a sealant, a lubricant and a cooling fluid all at the same time, which makes it important to ensure that the oil is not only free from contaminants, but is also at the appropriate levels. You may have to read your compressor’s manual to get exact measurements.

The Drain Valves and Air Tank

When air is compressed, it goes through a process by which it is cooled and heated. This causes condensation on the inside of the valves and tanks which can undermine its performance and condition. Be sure to keep your air tank and drain valves clear of moisture by draining and cleaning them regularly.

Contact Nasta Compressed Air for Details

The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your compressor is to source high quality products and parts, and to ensure that maintenance is never missed. It might even be worth your while to use the services of a maintenance technician when doing so. For more details relating to air compressors, or to find out more about pressure vessel testing, contact a representative from Nasta Compressed Air today, or visit our website for details.

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