Pressure Vessel Testing

Pressure Vessel Testing

Pressure vessel testing is a requirement, in accordance to the South African Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER), to be carried out every 3 years on any vessel with an operating pressure of 50 kPa or higher. Other than being a prerequisite under law, consistent pressure testing just makes sense. A pressure vessel can store compressed air at several times that of atmospheric pressure and can be hazardous if they are not maintained properly and tested regularly. By making sure that all air receivers or other vessels under pressure are operating according to SANS347, you are safeguarding a healthier and safer work environment.

SANS 347 is the occupational health and safety body that governs the categorisation and conventionality assessment criteria for pressure equipment and is assimilated with the PER. Pressure vessel testing is carried out in order to examine the reliability of air receivers or other pressure vessels. The test includes an internal and external check to inspect for corrosion, thickness testing and hydrostatic testing to check for leaks or cracks on a vessel. Compliance with the PER guarantees that accidents don’t happen.

Compressed air…not hot air.

Unfortunately, enterprises using compressed air are frequently taken in by the hot air of sham operators. The PER declares that any pressure testing needs to be executed under the authority of a SANAS official Authorised Inspection Authority (AIA). Compressed air that is stored in faulty receivers may become explosive and lead to serious injury or even death, as well as damage to the equipment. The question then becomes, is this risk worth the few hundred Rands saved by having the test performed by unauthorised personnel?

At Nasta Compressed Air Services, only reputable inspection authorities are used and provide pressure vessel testing that follows the Pressure Equipment Regulations and is acquiescent with all companies’ Occupational Health and Safety requests. In our over 20 years of working with air compressors and compressed air systems, Nasta Compressed Air Services has come across all sorts of duplicitous antics by fraudulent companies and individuals and realised that, in the end, it’s the client who ends up paying.

If the price of pressure testing looks too good to be true, request the service provider provides you with the CP certificate and the SANAS registration number of the Authorised Inspection Authority being used. In recent times, a company had all of the vessels on their plant tested and when they were audited, it was revealed that the company was given test certificates by a fake operator and had to have their vessels tested again at substantial cost. Accountability for the testing lies on the company and with regards to insurance or workman’s reparation claims, failure to conform can lead to non-payment and lawsuits.

Established in 1994 by Mr Jan de Jong, and operates from Alberton, Gauteng with over 27 years of experience in the compressor industry, Nasta Compressed Air Services is a fully equipped establishment that handles any type of service, repairs or refurbishment on any compressor.