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Questions About Air Compressors

Below we have a few frequently asked questions about air compressors.


What is the difference between “constant run” and “stop-start” and which one is better?


Basically, with a “constant run” air compressor, the name simply means that the motor is continuously supplying the facility with the compressed air needed. And a “stop-start” compressor is equipped with a switch which turns the machine on and off for you. If you are wondering which one is better, then that will depend on what you need the air compressor for. Typically, your smaller electric compressors will be start-stop” and the more industrial operations that require constant compressed air will make use of a “constant run” compressor.


How often does the compressors oil need to be changed?


Just like your vehicle, your compressor oil will need to be changed quite regularly. In your common rotary screw compressor, an oil change should be done at around 7000 to 8000 hours. Then for a reciprocating air compressor, you should be changing the oil around every three months. You should always check with your manufacturer first for more detailed instructions.


What about the filters? How often do they need to be changed or cleaned?


You should clean your filters on a weekly basis, it also depends on the degree of grunge and dirt in the facility. With cleaner plants, your compressor may require less frequent cleanings. You should replace your filter when you notice that it gets harder to clean or when there are holes or tears in the filter.


Can I run an electric compressor with a generator?


Yes, you can, but the more important question is, should you? With the right size generator, your compressor should be able to operate, however, you need to keep in mind that most generators tend to fluctuate and can also provide an uneven flow of power. An air compressor needs to have consistent power in order to run efficiently.


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